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SDS/PAGE characteristics of protein kinases tightly associated with chick embryo brain ribosomes.

Protein kinases tightly associated with chick embryo brain ribosomes washed with Triton X-100 and KCl were characterized by their ability to phosphorylate ribosomes and two exogenous substrates, histone IIA and casein. c-AMP-dependent kinase (PKA) and casein kinases ( CK1, CK2) were examined in the presence of specific modulators by SDS/PAGE followed by renaturation in gel assay according to Kameshita & Fujisawa (Anal. Biochem. 1989, 183, 139-143). Basing on these data it can be presumed that PKA activity increases, but the levels of CK2 and CK1 decrease during chick embryo development.[1]


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