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Cavum veli interpositi and psychotic disorder in a monocygotic twin.

The case of monocygotic twins discordant for a psychotic disorder is presented. An anomaly of the septum pellucidum, a so-called cavum veli interpositi was found in the psychotic twin while his brother showed no such anomaly. Previous studies have shown a higher prevalence of septum pellucidum anomalies in schizophrenic patients. Abnormalities of the septum pellucidum may be associated with disturbed neuronal development in distinct limbic brain areas which cannot yet be visualized yet by brain imaging techniques. The finding of the cavum veli interpositi in the psychotic twin could be incidental; however, it may indicate a dysgenic process in early brain development and, thus, play a significant role in the etiology of psychosis.[1]


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