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Diagnostic Imaging

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  • Here we quantify the effect of the ABP scruin on actin networks by using imaging techniques, cosedimentation assays, multiparticle tracking, and bulk rheology [38].
  • Receptor distribution in the living human brain can be studied with noninvasive imaging techniques such as PET and SPECT, with a significant reduction in nAChRs in the brains of Alzheimer's patients having been identified with [11C] nicotine in PET studies [39].
  • The combination of 2D gel electrophoresis and MALDI TOF mass spectrometry with the dual channel imaging technique provides a new and comprehensive view of the physiology of growing or starving bacterial cell populations, here for the case of the glucose-starvation response [40].
  • These differences are due to the fact that the dimethylmethylene blue assay overestimated the CS content of the tissue because it is not specific for CS, while the FTIR spectral imaging technique overestimated the collagen content because it lacks specificity for different proteins [41].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Quantification of diastolic myocardial function by pulsed Doppler myocardial mapping during dobutamine stress test was shown to be a feasible, accurate, reproducible, noninvasive technique that should be considered to be a sensitive alternative to the present echocardiographic and scintigraphic imaging techniques for stress tests [42].


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