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Psychotic Disorders

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Gene context of Psychotic Disorders

  • Based on the genetic and functional evidence that DISC1 may be associated with schizophrenia, we sequenced portions of DISC1 in 28 unrelated probands with schizophrenia and six unrelated probands with schizoaffective disorder, ascertained as part of a large sibpair study [29].
  • The mutation was identified in three siblings with PEO, one of them additionally suffered from schizoaffective disorder [30].
  • Our findings suggest that the expression of DRD3 mRNA is reduced in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, supporting the hypothesis of distorted homeostasis of dopamine receptor subtypes in psychotic disorder [31].
  • Analysis of diagnostic subgroups within the "all affecteds group" showed an association of COMT in patients with psychotic disorders as well as in cases with affective illness although the associated variants differed [32].
  • These results suggest a specific link between reelin-related neuronal pathology and dopamine involvement in the pathophysiology of psychotic disorders [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Psychotic Disorders


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