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Developmental expression of phospholipase D2 mRNA in rat brain.

Phospholipase D (PLD) is a ubiquitous enzyme involved in many important cellular functions. Rat brain PLD isoforms have recently been cloned and characterized, but the expression of this gene has not been well studied. We thus examined the developmental expression of PLD2 in postnatal brains by Northern blotting employing a non-radioactive RNA probe. Two PLD2 mRNA transcripts of 3.9 and 10.8 kb were detected in different brain regions and various tissues of the rat. In postnatal brains, the level of PLD2 mRNA transcripts are low 1 day after birth, increase progressively during development, and reach the maximum level in the adult brain. We thus conclude that rat brain PLD2 mRNA is developmentally regulated.[1]


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