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Evaluation of angiogenesis in canine mammary tumors by quantitative platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule immunohistochemistry.

Angiogenesis was evaluated by immunohistochemistry for platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule (CD31) in a series of benign and malignant canine mammary neoplasms. Computer image analysis was used to measure the intratumoral microvessel density (number of microvessels per square millimeter) and the area and perimeter of immunolabeled vascular structures. A higher intratumoral microvessel density and lower values for area and perimeter were found in malignant neoplasms compared with benign tumors and among the malignant tumors, in less differentiated phenotypes and in more anaplastic histological types (solid and squamous carcinomas), most of which had metastasized. These findings are consistent with an increase in angiogenesis in multistage neoplasia. Therefore, in more anaplastic malignant neoplasms, numerous but small and often malformed new vessels can be identified. The correlation of angiogenesis data with differentiation grade and histological type of mammary neoplasms is consistent with the findings in human medicine and demonstrates that angiogenesis can also have a prognostic value in veterinary medicine.[1]


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