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A comparative evaluation of three high efficiency disposable dialyzers.

Until recently all disposable dialyzers have had a poorer overall performance than the best non-disposable dialyzer, the Meltec multipoint. The three disposables considered here (Gambro Lundia Nova, Cordis HFAK 4 and Rhone Poulenc RP 5) all have clearance of small molecules close to or, for the HFAK 4, just above that of the multipoint though their middle molecular clearance is not quite as good as the multipoint. The HFAK 4 has a better basal ultranfiltration rate but a poorer maximum ultrafiltration capacity. The RP 5 has a higher residual blood volume than the multipoint. In other respects the dialyzers are almost interchangeable and are reasonable alternatives to the multipoint in those centers which can afford single use disposable dialyzers.[1]


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