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Modular regulation of the MLC1F/3F gene and striated muscle diversity.

Isoform diversity in striated muscle is largely controlled at the level of transcription. In this review we will concentrate on studies concerning transcriptional regulation of the alkali myosin light chain 1F/3F gene. Uncoupled activity of the MLC1F and 3F promoters, together with complex patterns of transcription in developing skeletal and cardiac muscle, combine to make analysis of this gene particularly intriguing. In vitro and transgenic studies of MLC1F/3F regulatory elements have revealed an array of cis-acting modules that each drive a subset of the expression pattern of the two promoters. These cis-acting regulatory modules, including the MLC1F and 3F promoter regions and two skeletal muscle enhancers, control tissue-specificity, cell or fibre-type specificity, and the spatiotemporal regulation of gene expression, including positional information. How each of these regulatory modules acts and how their individual activites are integrated to coordinate transcription at this locus are discussed.[1]


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