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Strengthening HIV prevention: application of a research-to-practice framework.

As the HIV epidemic continues to affect at-risk and vulnerable populations, providers strive to improve prevention programs, in part by seeking new interventions with greater effects. Although interventions with scientific evidence of effectiveness are vital to this effort, many challenges limit access to research products. We examine key challenges and offer a framework for moving research to practice, one in which research steps are linked to practice steps and all these activities take place in a complex and dynamic environment. The Replicating Effective Programs (REP) project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other technology transfer activities illustrate the operation of this framework for HIV prevention. Further actions to improve technology transfer are called for. These include reducing time from study design to practice; learning from field-based implementations; providing guidance about fidelity to, and tailoring of, science-based interventions; improving linkages among consumers, providers, and researchers; and seeking additional resources.[1]


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