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Lanostanes and friedolanostanes from the pericarp of Garcinia hombroniana.

The CH2Cl2 extract from the pericarp of Garcinia hombroniana yielded three 17,14-friedolanostanes [(24E)-3alpha-hydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-8, 14,24-trien-26-oic acid, methyl (24E)-3alpha,23-dihydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-8,14,24 -trien-26-oate and methyl (24E)-3alpha,9,23-trihydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-14,2 4-dien-26-oate] and two lanostanes [3beta- and 3alpha-hydroxy-23-oxo-9,16-lanostadien-26-oic acid]. The structure of (14E)-3alpha-hydroxy-17,14-friedolanostan-8,14,24-trie n-26-oic acid was determined using spectroscopic and X-ray analyses, while the structures of the other compounds were elucidated solely from analysis of spectroscopic data.[1]


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