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Modular domain structure of Arabidopsis COP1. Reconstitution of activity by fragment complementation and mutational analysis of a nuclear localization signal in planta.

The Arabidopsis COP1 protein functions as a developmental regulator, in part by repressing photomorphogenesis in darkness. Using complementation of a cop1 loss-of- function allele with transgenes expressing fusions of cop1 mutant proteins and beta-glucuronidase, it was confirmed that COP1 consists of two modules, an amino terminal module conferring a basal function during development and a carboxyl terminal module conferring repression of photomorphogenesis. The amino-terminal zinc-binding domain of COP1 was indispensable for COP1 function. In contrast, the debilitating effects of site-directed mutations in the single nuclear localization signal of COP1 were partially compensated by high-level transgene expression. The carboxyl-terminal module of COP1, though unable to substantially ameliorate a cop1 loss-of-function allele on its own, was sufficient for conferring a light-quality-dependent hyperetiolation phenotype in the presence of wild-type COP1. Moreover, partial COP1 activity could be reconstituted in vivo from two non-covalently linked, complementary polypeptides that represent the two functional modules of COP1. Evidence is presented for efficient association of the two sub-fragments of the split COP1 protein in Arabidopsis and in a yeast two-hybrid assay.[1]


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