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Oral therapy for migraine: comparisons between rizatriptan and sumatriptan. A review of four randomized, double-blind clinical trials.

The introduction in 1991 of sumatriptan succinate, the first approved 5-HT1B/1D receptor agonist, represented a significant advance in the treatment of acute migraine. The approval of three additional 5-HT receptor agonists, including rizatriptan, has further expanded the options for migraine treatment. Four randomized clinical trials have compared the effects of oral sumatriptan with those of oral rizatriptan. Forty mg rizatriptan was more effective than 100 mg sumatriptan but was associated with a high incidence of adverse events. Five mg rizatriptan was comparable to 50 mg sumatriptan. In two trials, rizatriptan 10 mg, the recommended dose in most countries, had a more rapid onset of action than 50 mg (p<0.05) and 100 mg sumatriptan (p=0.075). In addition, 10 mg rizatriptan resulted in more patients being pain-free after 2 hours than 100 mg sumatriptan (p<0.05), and resulted in fewer drug-related adverse events than sumatriptan.[1]


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