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Randomized Controlled Trials

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  • For the bile acid sequestrants, niacin, and gemfibrozil, the risks of discontinuation were substantially higher in the HMOs than in randomized clinical trials, in which the summary estimates of this risk were 31 percent, 4 percent, and 15 percent, respectively, for trials of one year or longer [11].
  • The weight of the evidence from randomized controlled trials of estrogen and cognition in women shows that this hormone preferentially protects verbal memory in postmenopausal women, whereas findings from observational studies are less consistent and show a more diffuse effect of estrogen on a range of cognitive functions [12].
  • Of 350 studies initially identified, 44 met inclusion criteria, including 36 randomized controlled trials and 8 controlled trials [13].
  • Whether lowering the homocysteine level reduces risk of cardiovascular events requires testing in randomized controlled trials [14].
  • Which approach to preventing rebleeding in the better-risk patient is more effective, as well as the role of pharmacologic therapy with propranolol or other agents, remains to be settled by well-controlled randomized clinical trials [15].

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