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Nuclear factor 1 ( NF1) affects accurate termination and multiple-round transcription by human RNA polymerase III.

We have shown previously that the TFIIIC1/TFIIIC1' fraction interacts specifically with the VA1 terminator regions to affect both termination and initiation/reinitiation of transcription by human RNA polymerase III. Here, we further purified the VA1 terminator-binding factor to apparent homogeneity and found, by peptide sequence analysis, that it belongs to the NF1 protein family. NF1 interacts specifically with the NF1-binding sites within the terminator regions of the VA1 gene and with two subunits (TFIIIC220 and TFIIIC110) of human TFIIIC2. Immunodepletion with anti- NF1 antibodies dramatically decreases transcription from the VA1 template in nuclear extract, and mutation at the NF1-binding site in the terminator region of the VA1 gene selectively affects multiple-round transcription (reinitiation of transcription) and termination. In addition, NF1 acts in conjunction with TFIIIC to promote accurate termination by RNA polymerase III on a C-tailed VA1 template.[1]


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