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Evidence of tissue-specific, post-transcriptional regulation of NRF-2 expression.

Mitochondrial respiratory function requires the expression of genes both from the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes. Nuclear respiratory factor 2 (NRF-2) is a transcription factor required for the expression of several nuclear-encoded mitochondrial proteins, including the specific mitochondrial transcription factor Tfam. This makes NRF-2 a likely candidate to coordinate expression of mitochondrial components. NRF-2 is a multisubunit complex of which the alpha subunit binds DNA and the beta subunit enhances this binding, respectively. We have analysed in vivo the expression patterns of NRF-2 subunits both at the mRNA and protein level, in three rat tissues, liver, testis and brain. In contrast with Tfam or the 'housekeeping' beta-actin expressions in which a parallel gradient was observed, no correlation was found between NRF-2 mRNAs and proteins levels, thus suggesting post-transcriptional regulation.[1]


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