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The expression of a Vp1-like gene and seed dormancy in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum.

Seeds of the common ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum) germinate in distinct sub-populations over a time period of more than 4 weeks following imbibition. Distinguishing early (E)- and late (L)-germinating seeds is the expression of a homologue of the transcriptional activator VP1. The deduced amino acid sequence of ice plant VP1 (MVP1) is 39% identical (50% similar) to the sequence of the Arabidopsis VP1 homologue, ABI3. The amount of Mvp1 mRNA, transcribed from a single gene, is different in E and L seeds after water uptake. The levels of the Mvp1 transcripts are very low in immature and mature seeds and they increased during 6 days of imbibition. This expression profile of Mvp1 is different from known Vp1/ABI3-like genes in other plants. Cycloheximide (at 35 microM) abolishes the increase of Mvp1, and L seeds are turned into E seeds, which develop normally when the inhibitor is applied for a short time during imbibition. E seeds treated for the same time period are developmentally impaired and show no radicle elongation. We suggest that the presence and late disappearance of Mvp1 in L seeds is responsible for dormancy and after-ripening of late-germinating ice plant seeds.[1]


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