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DSP1, an HMG-like protein, is involved in the regulation of homeotic genes.

The Drosophila dsp1 gene, which encodes an HMG-like protein, was originally identified in a screen for corepressors of Dorsal. Here we report that loss of dsp1 function causes homeotic transformations resembling those associated with loss of function in the homeotic genes Sex combs reduced (Scr), Ultrabithorax (Ubx), and Abdominal-B. The expression pattern of Scr is altered in dsp1 mutant imaginal discs, indicating that dsp1 is required for normal expression of this gene. Genetic interaction studies reveal that a null allele of dsp1 enhances trithorax-group gene (trx-G) mutations and partially suppresses Polycomb-group gene (Pc-G) mutations. On the contrary, overexpression of dsp1 induces an enhancement of the transformation of wings into halteres and of the extra sex comb phenotype of Pc. In addition, dsp1 male mutants exhibit a mild transformation of A4 into A5. Comparison of the chromatin structure at the Mcp locus in wild-type and dsp1 mutant embryos reveals that the 300-bp DNase I hypersensitive region is absent in a dsp1 mutant context. We propose that DSP1 protein is a chromatin remodeling factor, acting as a trx-G or a Pc-G protein depending on the considered function.[1]


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