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Multicolored protein conformation states in the photocycle of transducer-free sensory rhodopsin-I.

Sensory rhodopsin-I (SRI), a phototaxis receptor of archaebacteria, is a retinal-binding protein that exists in the cell membrane intimately associated with a signal-transducing protein (HtrI) homologous to eubacterial chemotaxis receptors. Transducer-free sensory rhodopsin-I (fSRI), from cells devoid of HtrI, undergoes a photochemical cycle kinetically different from that of native SRI. We report here on the measurement and analysis of the photochemical kinetics of fSRI reactions in the 350-750-nm spectral range and in a 10(-7) s to 1 s time window. The lack of specific intermolecular interactions between SRI and HtrI results in early return of the ground form via distinct branching reactions in fSRI, not evident in the photocycle of native SRI. The chromophore transitions are loosely coupled to protein structural transitions. The coexistence of multiple spectral forms within kinetic intermediates is interpreted within the concept of multicolored protein conformational states.[1]


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