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Polypeptide p41 of a Norwalk-like virus is a nucleic acid-independent nucleoside triphosphatase.

Southampton virus (SHV) is a member of the Norwalk-like viruses (NLVs), one of four genera of the family Caliciviridae. The genome of SHV contains three open reading frames (ORFs). ORF 1 encodes a polyprotein that is autocatalytically processed into six proteins, one of which is p41. p41 shares sequence motifs with protein 2C of picornaviruses and superfamily 3 helicases. We have expressed p41 of SHV in bacteria. Purified p41 exhibited nucleoside triphosphate (NTP)-binding and NTP hydrolysis activities. The NTPase activity was not stimulated by single-stranded nucleic acids. SHV p41 had no detectable helicase activity. Protein sequence comparison between the consensus sequences of NLV p41 and enterovirus protein 2C revealed regions of high similarity. According to secondary structure prediction, the conserved regions were located within a putative central domain of alpha helices and beta strands. This study reveals for the first time an NTPase activity associated with a calicivirus-encoded protein. Based on enzymatic properties and sequence information, a functional relationship between NLV p41 and enterovirus 2C is discussed in regard to the role of 2C-like proteins in virus replication.[1]


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