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Yeast translational activator Cbs2p: mitochondrial targeting and effect of overexpression.

The yeast translational activator protein Cbs2p is imported into mitochondria without obvious proteolytic processing. To test the importance of amino-terminal amino acids for mitochondrial targeting we fused varying portions of the N-terminus with green fluorescent protein and examined the intracellular distribution of the reporter protein. We show that the 25 N-terminal amino acids are sufficient to direct the majority of the fusion protein into mitochondria. Cbs2p derivatives lacking 9 to 35 amino acids from the N-terminus fail to complement the respiratory deficiency of a deltacbs2 strain, but are still imported into mitochondria. Therefore Cbs2p contains at least one independent mitochondrial targeting information in addition to the N-terminal signal. We further analyzed the effect of over-expression of Cbs2p on mitochondrial function. Elevated concentrations of Cbs2p lead to slightly impaired mitochondrial gene expression, probably as the result of the formation of inactive Cbs2p aggregates.[1]


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