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The use of information theory and numerical taxonomy methods for evaluating the quality of thin-layer chromatographic separations of flavonoid constituents of Matricariae flos.

A methanol extract of Matricariae flos was analysed with regard to the flavonoid composition. Rational selection of a restricted set from eight chromatographic systems tested for the separation of these compounds is discussed. Series of mathematical techniques for the evaluation of solvents and solvent combinations in thin-layer chromatography of flavonoid constituents have been explored. The chromatographic systems are classified according to their mutual resemblance by numerical taxonomy techniques. The selection criterion in the groups, obtained by numerical taxonomy classification, is the information content or the discriminating power. The most suitable mobile phases for TLC separation of flavonoid constituents of Matricariae flos are: ethylacetate-methanol-water (75:15:0 v/v), ethylacetate-formic acid-water (80:10:10 v/v) and ethylacetate-formic acid-acetic acid-water (100:11:11:27 v/v).[1]


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