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Distribution of genes for lysine biosynthesis through the aminoadipate pathway among prokaryotic genomes.

Deinococcus radioduranshas homologous genes to the genes which from the Thermus: thermophilus gene cluster for lysine biosynthesis. Interestingly, those genes are clustered in Thermus, nevertheless they are scattered in Deinococcus. A similar gene cluster has only been found in Pyrococcus However, the phylogenetic analyses indicated that the deduced gene products from Deinococcus were the most closely related to the proteins encoded in the Thermus gene cluster for lysine biosynthesis. Therefore, those genes had not been transferred horizontally between Pyrococcus and Thermus. It is strongly suggested that a common ancestor of Deinococcus and Thermus possessed the genes for lysine biosynthesis through the aminoadipate pathway. These had been clustered through the evolution of Thermus or had been scattered from the gene cluster through the evolution of Deinococcus. In addition, I showed that LysW and its homologues were specialized proteins for the prokaryotic lysine biosynthesis through the aminoadipate pathway.[1]


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