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Biochemical characterization of cholesterol-3-sulfate as the sole effector for the phosphorylation of HMG1 by casein kinase I in vitro.

Phosphorylation of high mobility group protein 1 (HMG1) by casein kinase I (CK-I) and potent effectors (inhibitors and activators) of this phosphorylation were investigated in vitro. We found that (i) CK-I phosphorylates specifically threonine residues on HMG1 when incubated with cholesterol-3-sulfate (CH-3S), but no phosphorylation of HMG1 is detected in the presence of other cholesterol related compounds or their sulfated derivatives; (ii) this phosphorylation is selectively inhibited by heparin, but stimulated significantly by 3',4',7-trihydroxy-isofavone at low doses (0.1-3 microM); and (iii) CH-3S directly induces a drastic conformational change in HMG1. The latter finding provides a mechanism to explain how CH-3S alone can induce the phosphorylation of HMG1 by CK-I in vitro.[1]


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