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Pharmacokinetics of digoxin and digitoxin in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

The pharmacokinetics of digoxin and digitoxin in patients undergoing long-term hemodialysis were examined to determine which is the preferred cardiac glycoside in this patient population. Absorption curves from 0 to 24 hours after an oral dose of digitoxin were similar in dialyzed patients and in control patients. Serum glycoside concentrations after an oral dose of digoxin were higher in dialyzed patients than in control patients, significantly so from 2 to 24 hours, reflecting the absence of the predominantly renal route of excretion of digoxin. When nine dialyzed patients were placed on a maintenance dose of digoxin, 0.125 mg 5 days a week, serum levels plateaued at 30 days at a mean concentration (plus or minus SE) of 0.84 plus or minus 0.05 ng/ml. Maintenance therapy with 0.1 mg digitoxin 5 days a week resulted in stabilization of serum levels within 30 days at a mean concentration of 19 plus or minus 1 ng/ml. Variability in the serum glycoside concentrations was determined after stabilization of levels during 2 to 19 week follow-up periods with each drug. Variability in serum levels was somewhat increased during maintenance therapy with digitoxin. On the basis of the parmacokinetic data obtained in this study, no clear cut preference for one glycoside over the other could be established.[1]


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