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Chemical Compound Review

Lanoxin     4-[3-[5-[5-(4,5-dihydroxy-6- methyl-oxan-2...

Synonyms: Cogoxin, Digocin, Digoxin 96%, AGN-PC-00YHTD, SureCN126382, ...
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Disease relevance of digoxin


Psychiatry related information on digoxin

  • The serum digoxin test and digoxin toxicity: a Bayesian approach to decision making [7].
  • In a previous study using somatic cell fusion for Ig chain recombination we demonstrated that a recombinant antibody consisting of the H chain of antibody 26-10 and the L chain of antibody 40-20 retained digoxin binding and the 26-10 Id, but displayed a binding specificity pattern dominated by the 26-10 H chain donor [8].
  • Resumption of physical activity resulted in gradual decline of plasma digoxin, and subsequent strenuous exercise reduced the value to preimmobilization level [9].
  • Visual hallucinations as the earliest symptom of digoxin intoxication [10].
  • This approach has been less successful with digoxin because patient compliance, the proportion absorbed and liver clearance are not yet predictable [11].

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Chemical compound and disease context of digoxin


Biological context of digoxin


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of digoxin


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