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The Second International Symposium on the Developmental Aspects of Androgen Excess, Toronto, Canada, 20 June 2000.

Clinical hyperandrogenism, in particular polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), affects 4-7% of women of reproductive age, making it one of the most common human reproductive endocrinological abnormalities. However, our understanding of the developmental aspects of these disorders remains limited. The Second International Symposium on the Developmental Aspects of Androgen Excess (Toronto, Canada, 20 June 2000) was held with the purpose of fostering greater investigative communication, consensus and focus. It was felt that a better understanding of PCOS phenotypes was needed; that an aggressive attempt should be made to continue to expand the molecular genetic studies of the disorder; that research into the role and mechanism(s) underlying the associated defects in insulin action and signaling should be continued; that longitudinal studies, particularly those focusing on the role of intrauterine stress and malnutrition, and premature adrenarche, on the development of PCOS were warranted; and that an improved understanding of the molecular defects in steroidogenesis present in PCOS is needed.[1]


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