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A pancreatic beta -cell-specific enhancer in the human PDX-1 gene is regulated by hepatocyte nuclear factor 3beta (HNF-3beta ), HNF-1alpha, and SPs transcription factors.

The PDX-1 transcription factor plays a key role in pancreas development. Although expressed in all cells at the early stages, in the adult it is mainly restricted to the beta-cell. To characterize the regulatory elements and potential transcription factors necessary for human PDX-1 gene expression in beta-cells, we constructed a series of 5' and 3' deletion fragments of the 5'-flanking region of the gene, fused to the luciferase reporter gene. In this report, we identify by transient transfections in beta- and non-beta-cells a novel beta-cell-specific distal enhancer element located between -3.7 and -3.45 kilobases. DNase I footprinting analysis revealed two protected regions, one binding the transcription factors SP1 and SP3 and the other hepatocyte nuclear factor 3beta (HNF-3beta) and HNF-1alpha. Cotransfection experiments suggest that HNF-3beta, HNF-1alpha, and SP1 are positive regulators of the herein-described human PDX-1 enhancer element. Furthermore, mutations within each motif abolished the binding of the corresponding factor(s) and dramatically impaired the enhancer activity, therefore suggesting cooperativity between these factors.[1]


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