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Nitroprusside and ECS-induced retrograde amnesia.

Previous research found that the administration of verapamil and felodipine immediately before electroconvulsive shocks (ECS) attenuated ECS-induced retrograde amnesia. This study examined whether sodium nitroprusside, an antihypertensive drug that does not affect calcium channels, has a similar action. Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats received nitroprusside (0.5 mg/kg ip) or saline 3 minutes before each of three once-daily true or sham ECS. Retention of pre-ECS learning was studied 1 day after ECS using a passive avoidance task. Nitroprusside was associated with increased seizure duration in ECS-treated rats, and with enhanced recall in both true and sham ECS groups. The latter finding suggests that nitroprusside nonspecifically improves cognitive functions, and does not support the hypothesis that ECS-induced cognitive impairment is a result of blood-brain barrier breach. Nitric oxide mechanisms may underlie the benefits purveyed by nitroprusside.[1]


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