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Chemical Compound Review

Felobeta     ethyl methyl 4-(2,3-dichlorophenyl)-2,6...

Synonyms: Perfudal, Felocor, Felodur, Felogamma, Munobal, ...
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Disease relevance of Renedil


Psychiatry related information on Renedil


High impact information on Renedil

  • Interaction of the antihypertensive drug felodipine with calmodulin [9].
  • Before and after receiving grapefruit juice, small bowel and colon mucosal biopsies were obtained endoscopically, oral felodipine kinetics were determined, and liver CYP3A4 activity was measured with the [14C N-methyl] erythromycin breath test in each subject [10].
  • Grapefruit juice increases felodipine oral availability in humans by decreasing intestinal CYP3A protein expression [10].
  • In addition, enterocyte concentrations of CYP3A4 measured before grapefruit juice consumption correlated with the increase in Cmax when felodipine was taken with either the 1st or the 16th glass of grapefruit juice relative to water (r = 0. 67, P = 0.043, and r = 0.71, P = 0.022, respectively) [10].
  • The mean felodipine bioavailability with grapefruit juice was 284 (range 164-469)% of that with water [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of Renedil


Biological context of Renedil


Anatomical context of Renedil

  • In order to study the systemic and coronary haemodynamic effects of felodipine, a new dihydropyridine derivative, 10 patients with coronary artery disease were studied during cardiac catheterization [17].
  • Effects on the ischaemic and reperfused myocardium of felodipine, a vasoselective calcium blocker, retrogradely infused into the coronary vein was investigated in a porcine model [18].
  • Long-term treatment with the angiotensin I converting enzyme inhibitors during ischemia abolished the increase in the capillary-to-fiber ratio in the soleus muscle, whereas a comparable antihypertensive dose of felodipine had no effect [15].
  • These results suggest that felodipine may exert vascular protective effects by suppressing free radical generation in human smooth muscle cells during activation of inflammatory mechanisms and diabetic conditions [19].
  • Compared with vehicle alone, felodipine significantly increased NOx generation, Ca2+-dependent NOS activity, and eNOS protein mass in proliferating and quiescent endothelial cells [20].

Associations of Renedil with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Renedil


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Renedil

  • Cardiomyocytes from four groups of rats were studied: untreated CRF, CRF with parathyroidectomy (PTX), CRF with the calcium channel blocker felodipine (F), and sham operation of the kidney (SO) [28].
  • In an open, 3-way, randomized crossover design, 18 healthy volunteers ingested felodipine (10 mg) with 1 of the 3 juices (240 mL) [29].
  • Either felodipine (felo-retro group, 7 n = 6) or the corresponding amount of vehicle (vehicle group: n = 5) was retroinfused over 30 min starting 5 min prior to reperfusion [18].
  • The ergonovine test was performed once in basal conditions and twice 5 days after beginning the oral administration of felodipine 20 mg o.d., 4 and 24 h after the last administration [30].
  • All patients (mean age 79 +/- 6 years, office BP > or = 160/95 mmHg) were evaluated off any antihypertensive or anti-ischaemic therapy and after 3 months treatment with either felodipine or the diuretic (randomized, double-blind study) for episodes of significant ST-D (> or = 0.1 mV, duration > or = 1 min, interval > or = 1 min) [31].


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