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Amnesia, Retrograde

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Disease relevance of Amnesia, Retrograde

  • When measured under the contingencies of a one trial passive avoidance paradigm, nimodipine is able to prevent the occurrence of retrograde amnesia in rodents after amnesiogenic events such as maximal electroconvulsive seizure or hypoxia [1].

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Gene context of Amnesia, Retrograde

  • In the present study the effects of somatostatin and its analogs on active avoidance behavior, electroconvulsive shock (ECS)-induced retrograde amnesia, and spatial-discrimination learning were compared in rats [19].
  • Administration of inhibitors of the Erk cascade worsened retrograde amnesia, impaired performances in hippocampus- and amygdala-dependent memory tasks, and exacerbated motor deficits following TBI [20].
  • Recently, we were able to demonstrate that the intrahippocampal infusion of a specific inhibitor of CAMK II (KN62) provoked full retrograde amnesia of an inhibitory avoidance learning in rats when given immediately, but not 120 or 240 min, after training [21].
  • The similar pattern of remote memory performance demonstrated by the HIV-D and HD groups is a novel finding and suggests a subcortically mediated retrograde amnesia in HIV-D [22].
  • Intrahippocampal, but not intra-amygdala, infusion of an inhibitor of heme oxygenase causes retrograde amnesia in the rat [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Amnesia, Retrograde


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