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Repetitive nerve stimulation and stimulation single fiber electromyography studies in rats intoxicated with single or mixed insecticides.

The function of the neuromuscular transmission in rats dosed with phoxim ( P), methomyl ( M), fenvalerate ( F), and mixtures of P+M and P+F was studied by using both the stimulation single fiber electromyography (SSFEMG) and repetitive nerve stimulations (RNS) to determine the single muscle fiber action potential and compound muscle action potential (CMAP) respectively. The results showed that the mean consecutive difference (MCD) in SSFEMG was significantly prolonged in P, P+M and P+F intoxicated rats during the presence of myasthenia, but not in rats dosed with F and M when stimuli were given at 10 Hz or 20 Hz, thus indicating a transmission blocking at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) induced by P. The frequency of neuromuscular transmission abnormalities detected by SSFEMG was significantly higher than those detected by RNS. This study demonstrated that the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) blocking is more frequently seen in P, P+M and P+F poisoning than in M and F poisoning, and that SSFEMG is a more sensitive electrophysiological method than RNS for detecting neuromuscular transmission blockage in myasthenia rats with acute insecticides poisoning.[1]


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