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Effect of combined recompression and air, oxygen, or heliox breathing on air bubbles in rat tissues.

The fate of bubbles formed in tissues during the ascent from a real or simulated air dive and subjected to therapeutic recompression has only been indirectly inferred from theoretical modeling and clinical observations. We visually followed the resolution of micro air bubbles injected into adipose tissue, spinal white matter, muscle, and tendon of anesthetized rats recompressed to and held at 284 kPa while rats breathed air, oxygen, heliox 80:20, or heliox 50:50. The rats underwent a prolonged hyperbaric air exposure before bubble injection and recompression. In all tissues, bubbles disappeared faster during breathing of oxygen or heliox mixtures than during air breathing. In some of the experiments, oxygen breathing caused a transient growth of the bubbles. In spinal white matter, heliox 50:50 or oxygen breathing resulted in significantly faster bubble resolution than did heliox 80:20 breathing. In conclusion, air bubbles in lipid and aqueous tissues shrink and disappear faster during recompression during breathing of heliox mixtures or oxygen compared with air breathing. The clinical implication of these findings might be that heliox 50:50 is the mixture of choice for the treatment of decompression sickness.[1]


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