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Chemical Compound Review

heliox     helium; molecular oxygen

Synonyms: AC1L3XCD, AR-1J1470, 70356-00-2, Heliox,hyperbaric, Heliox, hyperbaric, ...
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Chemical compound and disease context of heliox

  • There was no systematic difference between the two methods with regard to lung volume measurements: mean (SD) FRC values, corrected for body weight, were 22.9 (7.1) mL/kg for O2 and 23.4 (7.0) mL/kg for heliox [10].
  • Neuronal sensitivity to pressure, barosensitivity, is illustrated by high-pressure nervous syndrome, which manifests as increased central nervous system excitability when heliox or trimix is breathed at >15 atmospheres absolute (ATA) [11].
  • Compared to breathing nitrox, these data indicate that heliox improved the distribution of inspired gas, thereby recruiting more gas exchange units, improving gas exchange efficiency, reducing ventilatory and oxygen requirements, and attenuating lung inflammation [12].
  • Fifteen out of 78 infants with acute bronchiolitis consecutively admitted to PICU fulfilled the inclusion criteria: clinical score>or=5 or arterial oxygen saturation (SatO2)<or=92% or PCO2>50 mmHg, despite supportive therapy, nebulized L-epinephrine, and heliox therapy through non-rebreathing reservoir facemask [13].
  • The second trial, which recruited older patients (older than 40 years), showed greater improvement in PEF and dyspnea score with heliox-driven albuterol therapy in patients with lower pretreatment PEF [14].

Biological context of heliox

  • Although heliox improved gas exchange during HFOV in our model, increased tidal volume delivery may limit clinical applicability [4].
  • To study the effects of apneic pauses, sighs, and breathing patterns on functional residual capacity (FRC), we measured FRC repeatedly in 48 healthy preterm infants (weight at study 2,042 +/- 316 g [mean +/- SD], postconceptional age 36.6 +/- 2.0 wk), during unsedated sleep using a modified heliox/nitrogen washout technique [15].
  • During Heliox breathing, there was a significant decrease in pulmonary resistance, resistive work of breathing, and mechanical power of breathing, whereas ventilation remained unchanged [16].
  • Heliox improves hemodynamics in mechanically ventilated patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with systolic pressure variations [17].
  • OBJECTIVES: To determine the effect of breathing helium-oxygen (HELIOX) mixtures on pulmonary gas exchange during severe asthma [18].

Anatomical context of heliox

  • Breathing a lower density gas mixture (Heliox) may have therapeutic value by decreasing the demands on the respiratory muscles and the caloric requirements for breathing [16].
  • Heliox therapy for acute vocal cord dysfunction [19].
  • In addition, the model suggests that switching to heliox breathing may prolong the existence of the bubble relative to breathing air for bubbles in spinal and adipose tissues [20].
  • We visually followed the resolution of micro air bubbles injected into adipose tissue, spinal white matter, muscle, and tendon of anesthetized rats recompressed to and held at 284 kPa while rats breathed air, oxygen, heliox 80:20, or heliox 50:50 [21].
  • Only the four bees in our sample with the highest body mass-specific thorax masses were able to hover in pure heliox [22].

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