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Isolation and sequence of the MIG1 homologue from the yeast Candida utilis.

The Mig1p repressor from the food yeast Candida utilis has been isolated using a homologous PCR hybridization probe. This probe was amplified with two sets of degenerate primers designed on the basis of highly conserved motifs in the DNA-binding region (zinc-finger domain) from yeast Mig1p and fungi CreA repressors. The cloned gene was sequenced and found to encode a polypeptide of 345 amino acids which shows significant identity with other yeast and fungus repressors in the DNA-binding domain and also with the yeast Mig1 proteins in the C-terminal region (effector domain). The MIG1 repressor gene from C. utilis was able to complement functionally the mig1 mutation of S. cerevisiae. The sequence presented here has been deposited in the EMBL data library under Accession No. AJ277830.[1]


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