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Cream psoralen plus ultraviolet A therapy for granuloma annulare.

BACKGROUND: Treatment modalities for granuloma annulare (GA) often remain unsatisfactory or can be accompanied by potentially hazardous side-effects. Psoralen plus ultraviolet (UV) A (PUVA) bath photochemotherapy has been reported to be highly effective in the treatment of GA. Another form of topical PUVA therapy, using 8-methoxypsoralen-containing cream or gel preparations, has been proven to be as effective as bath PUVA therapy in the treatment of palmoplantar dermatoses. OBJECTIVES: To assess the efficacy of cream PUVA photochemotherapy in patients with GA. METHODS: Five patients with GA were treated. The diagnosis was confirmed by pretreatment skin biopsies. Cream PUVA therapy was performed four times a week: the mean number of treatments was 26 (range 17-40) and mean cumulative UVA dose was 55.9 J cm-2 (range 18.2-109.2). RESULTS: Cream PUVA photochemotherapy induced significant clinical improvement (one patient) or clearance (four patients) of GA in all patients. Clearance was documented clinically and histopathologically. CONCLUSIONS: Cream PUVA phototherapy can be highly effective in patients affected by localized forms of GA.[1]


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