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Quick titration of pergolide in cotreatment with domperidone is safe and effective.

The purpose of the study was to analyze efficacy and safety of quick pergolide titration combined with domperidone. In an open-label prospective study, pergolide was titrated in 16 days to a maximum of 3 mg/d doses as adjunctive treatment to L-Dopa in 10 elderly patients with Parkinson's disease. Sixty milligrams domperidone was started 2 days before and and continued during the pergolide titration period to prevent side effects. Adverse events were studied for 6 weeks. Efficacy was measured with the motor part ("on" condition) of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS), the 2-minute walking test, the Timed Up and Go test, and the Postural-Locomotor-Manual test. After quick titration of pergolide with domperidone cotreatment, no symptomatic side effects were seen except for lightheadedness in one patient, which disappeared after dose reduction. The UPDRS motor score improved significantly from 21 +/- 8 at baseline to 16 +/- 7 and 12 +/- 7 after 1 and 2 weeks, respectively. The 2-minute walking distance improved significantly from 123 +/- 36 m at baseline to 136 +/- 41 m after 6 weeks. The Timed Up and Go and Postural-Locomotor-Manual test results, overall, did not show significant changes. Quick titration of pergolide to a maximum of 3 mg/d with domperidone cotreatment is safe and effective. Therefore, we recommend domperidone cotreatment in the titration period to prevent unnecessary failure of dopamine agonist treatment because of adverse effects.[1]


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