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  • We studied volume-pressure sensitivity, as estimated by the plasma AVP response to orthostasis, in healthy young (19-31 yr old; n = 12) and old (62-80 yr old; n = 15) subjects [23].
  • Patients but not normals showed significant rises of DBP at orthostasis and exercise (5') periods, which were positively correlated with NA rises [24].
  • In all craniopharyngioma patients, the counterregulatory glucagon response to hypoglycemia was preserved and orthostasis increased both catecholamines and the heart rate similar to in the patients with hypopituitarism as well as in the healthy controls [25].
  • This was the most frequent of a triad of features, the others being infrequent attacks, of coryza and light-headedness [26].
  • Our study demonstrated normal interictal autonomic function in patients with epilepsy, but, variations in BP and HR during orthostasis and CPT were significantly (p < 0.05) higher in epilepsy patients than in controls with or without CBZ [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dizziness


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