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Effects of histamine and acetylcholine on equine digital lymph flow and composition.

We measured the flow rate and protein concentration of lymph collected from a digital lymphatic in eight anesthetized ponies. Additionally, we recorded systemic arterial pressure (Part), and small vein pressure (Psv). Control lymph flow averaged 0.068 ml/min, and contained 3.11 g/100 ml of protein with albumin/globulin ratio of 0.75. Twenty-minute local intra-arterial infusion of acetylcholine (10 mug/min.) elevated Psv but did not increase lymph flow rate or protein concentration. A 60-min local intra-arterial infusion of histamine (10 mug/min) produced a marked sustained increase in Psv and both lymph flow and protein concentration. Edema developed in the digit receiving histamine. These data support the conclusion that in the horse, as in other species, histamine edema is due primarily to a decreased transcapillary colloid osmotic pressure gradient rather than an increased transcapillary hydrostatic pressure gradient.[1]


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