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Protective effect of mild hypothermia on symptomatic vasospasm: a preliminary report.

Mild hypothermia (32-34 degrees C of brain temperature) was used for brain protection in patients with progressive ischemic neurological deficits associated with severe cerebral vasospasm and who did not respond to medical treatment or intravascular angioplasty. Results showed that 2 of 3 patients in Hunt & Kosnik grade I to III and 2 patients who underwent delayed operation on day 5 and 9 each and had ischemic neurological deficits made good recovery with this treatment. Favourable outcome was obtained in 4 of 9 patients in grade IV and V. Mild hypothermia is thought to provide brain protection in critical ischemia due to severe cerebral vasospasm and can lengthen therapeutic time to employ angioplasty and intraarterial Papaverin infusion.[1]


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