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Antibody-independent antiviral function of memory CD4+ T cells in vivo requires regulatory signals from CD8+ effector T cells.

Previous studies have shown that vaccine-primed CD4(+) T cells can mediate accelerated clearance of respiratory virus infection. However, the relative contributions of Ab and CD8(+) T cells, and the mechanism of viral clearance, are poorly understood. Here we show that control of a Sendai virus infection by primed CD4(+) T cells is mediated through the production of IFN-gamma and does not depend on Ab. This effect is critically dependent on CD8(+) cells for the expansion of CD4(+) T cells in the lymph nodes and the recruitment of memory CD4(+) T cells to the lungs. Passive transfer of a CD8(+) T cell supernatant into CD8(+) T cell-depleted, hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN)(421-436)-immune muMT mice substantially restored the virus-specific memory CD4(+) response and enhanced viral control in the lung. Together, the data demonstrate for the first time that in vivo primed CD4(+) T cells have the capacity to control a respiratory virus infection in the lung by an Ab-independent mechanism, provided that CD8(+) T cell "help" in the form of soluble factor(s) is available during the virus infection. These studies highlight the importance of synergistic interactions between CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cell subsets in the generation of optimal antiviral immunity.[1]


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