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Transcript map of the 8p23 putative tumor suppressor region.

Cancers of the head and neck, prostate, liver, and bladder exhibit minimal regions of deletion within chromosomal band 8p23 that either overlap or map very close to one another. We previously refined a minimal region of deletion in squamous cell carcinomas to a 112-kb interval within 8p23. There seems to be only a single gene within this region that is expressed in normal upper aerodigestive tract epithelium. This candidate for the squamous cancer suppressor, CUB and sushi multiple domains-1 (CSMD1), extends into the minimal regions of deletions defined for the other types of cancer with 8p23 deletions. RT-PCR and EST data indicate that CSMD1 is also expressed in those organs,making this gene a candidate for a suppressor of multiple types of cancer. Both the sequence of the gene and the organization of the protein are highly conserved in the mouse.[1]


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