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The D355V mutation decreases EGR2 binding to an element within the Cx32 promoter.

Mutations in the early growth response 2 (EGR2) gene are associated with some forms of Charcot--Marie--Tooth disease (CMT) and other demyelinating neuropathies. These mutations modify the EGR2 binding to specific DNA sequences suggesting a role in the transcriptional control of myelination-specific genes. Here we show that the D355V mutation, associated with a CMT case combining axonal and demyelinating abnormalities, reduces three times the affinity of EGR2 to its consensus sequence and ten times its affinity to a sequence in the human Cx32 promoter. These findings could indicate that this EGR2 mutation leads to the development of CMT1 through the transcriptional deregulation of Cx32 gene.[1]


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