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Gene Review

MPZ  -  myelin protein zero

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CHM, CMT1, CMT1B, CMT2I, CMT2J, ...
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Disease relevance of MPZ


Psychiatry related information on MPZ

  • CONCLUSIONS: MPZ mutation His39Pro may be associated with acute-onset neuropathy, early-onset hearing loss and restless legs [6].
  • In simple medical classification tasks this dynamic self-learning system can be used to create a DSS that can assist in the quality control of clinical decision making [7].
  • The dynamic range of current, the pitch variation with repetition rate, and the difference limens for repetition rate were found to be similar to MPP and SPP [8].

High impact information on MPZ


Chemical compound and disease context of MPZ

  • Adie's pupil and deafness were often present, and serum creatine kinase concentrations were often raised irrespective of which MPZ mutation was present [13].
  • We now show that point mutations in the cytoplasmic domain that modify a PKC target motif (RSTK) or an adjacent serine residue abolish P0 adhesion function and can cause peripheral neuropathy in humans [14].
  • Two myelin proteins, P2 basic protein and P0 glycoprotein, can induce experimental autoimmune neuritis (EAN), a model of human inflammatory neuropathy [15].
  • CONCLUSIONS: This broadens the range of familial neuropathy associated with MPZ mutations to include steroid responsive neuropathy, initially diagnosed as chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy [16].
  • This model predicts that agents which compete with MPP+ binding to neuromelanin should partially protect the dopamine neurons from MPTP-induced toxicity [17].

Biological context of MPZ

  • These axonal and demyelinating phenotypes were well concordant among siblings in individual families, and MPZ mutations did not overlap among these two subgroups, suggesting that the nature and position of the MPZ mutations mainly determine the axonal and demyelinating phenotypes [18].
  • We conclude that the clinical and electrophysiological heterogeneity among CMT patients carrying point mutations in MPZ and GJB1 is similar [1].
  • OBJECTIVES: To expand our understanding of the characteristics of nerve conduction velocity (NCV) in patients with different MPZ mutations, the authors collected and analysed the NCV values from patients with MPZ mutations [19].
  • Subsequent analysis of the coding regions of the MPZ gene was performed with single-strand-conformation polymorphism (SSCP), which was then followed by nucleotide sequencing [20].
  • Here, we demonstrate for the first time that P0 and PMP22 proteins form complexes in the myelin membrane, as shown by coimmunoprecipitation experiments, and that glycosylation is not involved in mediating these interactions [21].

Anatomical context of MPZ


Associations of MPZ with chemical compounds

  • The G308-->A transition was a nonconservative mutation that changed a glycine into a glutamate at the amino acid residue 74 in the extracellular domain of the mature MPZ/P(0) [25].
  • As shown for the animal model of globoid cell dystrophy, it is conceivable that increased expression of MHC class II molecules in CMT1 and HNPP accelerates nerve pathology [26].
  • The MPZ point mutation in 18 of 18 related CMT1B pedigree 1 patients converts a positively charged lysine in codon 96 to a negatively charged glutamate [27].
  • Daily administration of progesterone elevated the steady-state levels of Pmp22 and Mpz mRNA in the sciatic nerve, resulting in enhanced Schwann cell pathology and a more progressive clinical neuropathy [28].
  • The mutation, a methionine substitution for isoleucine at amino acid position 30, is located in the extracellular domain, which constitutes an immunoglobulin domain responsible for the function of P0 as an adhesion molecule [29].

Regulatory relationships of MPZ


Other interactions of MPZ

  • We electrophysiologically, pathologically and genetically evaluated demyelinating and axonal features of 205 Japanese patients with PMP22 duplication, MPZ mutations or Cx32 mutations [18].
  • Here the authors report a family with a Pro22Ser mutation in the neurofilament-light gene (NF-L; CMT2E) manifesting electrophysiologically as the demyelinating type 1 CMT (CMT1) and pathologically as an axonopathy with giant axons and accumulation of disorganized NF [33].
  • The unrelated CMT patients included 108 clinically and electrophysiologically diagnosed CMT1 cases, 32 CMT2 cases, and 34 cases with unspecified CMT [34].
  • Our results demonstrate that PMP22, P0 protein, and myelin basic protein are present in compact myelin of all patients examined [23].
  • Genetic loci for CMT1 map to chromosome 17 (CMT1A), chromosome 1 (CMT1B), and another unknown autosome (CMT1C) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MPZ


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