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Determination of iridoid glycosides by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography-mass spectrometry with use of the partial filling technique.

A fast and easy method was sought for determination of the iridoid glycosides catalpol, ketologanin, verbenalin, loganin, 8-epi-loganic acid, geniposidic acid and 10-cinnamoyl catalpol in plant samples. The method involved micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography (MEKC) coupled on-line to mass spectrometry. The partial filling technique and electrospray ionization were used. Seven iridoid glycosides could be separated with use of MEKC under basic conditions. However, 8-epi-loganic acid and geniposidic acid could not be detected simultaneously with the five neutral iridoid glycosides by mass spectrometry. Therefore, only the neutral iridoid glycosides were screened from plant samples. Catalpol, verbenalin, loganin and possibly 10-cinnamoyl catalpol were found in an examination of seven plant species in the genera Plantago, Veronica, Melampyrum, Succisa, and Valeriana. Aucubin, which was not included in the sample mixture used in method development because of overlapping with catalpol in MEKC, was also detected. The limits of detection for the iridoid glycosides, both at the UV and at the mass spectrometer, are given.[1]


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