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Reversibility of pyloric sphincter dysfunction in gastric ulcer.

To investigate both the cause and reversibility of pyloric sphincter dysfunction in patients with gastric ulcer, pyloric sphincter pressures were measured in 10 normal subjects and 13 patients with gastric ulcer before and during gastric acidification. Fasting serum gastrin concentration was significantly higher in patients with gastric ulcer than in normal subjects. Compared to normals, patients with gastric ulcer had significantly lower pyloric pressures in response to intraduodenal amino acids and sodium oleate. However, during gastric acidification, these same patients demonstrated normal pyloric responses to these stimuli. Serum gastrin concentrations did not change during gastric acidification. These studies show that: (1) in patients with gastric ulcer the pyloric sphincter does not respond normally to intraduodenal stimulation; (2) fasting serum gastrin concentration is elevated in patients with gastric ulcer; and (3) in these patients, pyloric sphincter dysfunction can be reversed by gastric acidification. The mechanism of pyloric dysfunction in patients with gastric ulcer remains unknown.[1]


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