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Genotype-phenotype comparison of the Swiss malignant hyperthermia population.

Malignant hyperthermia (MH) is a potentially lethal pharmacogenetic disease, triggered by inhalative anesthetics or depolarizing muscle relaxants in genetically predisposed individuals. Linkage analysis have revealed MH to be a heterogenetic disease with about 50% of MH families linked to the locus of the ryanodine receptor calcium channel (RYR1). We investigated the frequency of the 23 published MH linked RYR1 gene mutations in the Swiss MH population and compared our findings to the results of the in vitro contracture test (IVCT). IVCT was performed following the protocol of the European MH Group and mutation screening was done by PCR amplification of genomic DNA followed by restriction enzyme digestion or SSCP. We identified RYR1 gene mutations in 40% of unrelated MH families (19/48) with a high incidence of the mutation V2168M (27%). IVCT results revealed a significantly stronger functional effect of mutations R614C and V2168M as compared to mutations G2434R and R2458C. This is the first time that such a high incidence of RYR1 gene mutations in an MH population has been found, supporting the use of molecular genetic testing for the diagnosis of MH susceptibility in suitable families. In addition our data show that different RYR1 gene mutations are associated with different IVCT phenotypes.[1]


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