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Naevus anaemicus with teleangiectatic vessels.

We describe a 20-year-old man with naevus anaemicus on the chest where, after dermabrasion of the epidermis, enlarged teleangiectatic dark-red vessels were seen within the previously pale area. They were clearly different from those seen on dermabrasion at this site in normal skin and in patients with vitiligo where the area is lighter red with only small punctual bleedings from arterial capillaries. The naevus anaemicus and a port-wine stain (naevus flammeus) in the same location is a phenomenon of vascular twin spotting, which was revealed when the epidermis was removed. The area was transplanted with thin epidermal grafts and healed within 2 weeks. One year later the naevus looked the same as before grafting. Much thicker grafts than those used by us will be needed, but they are not cosmetically acceptable.[1]


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