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Interaction of alpha-2-macroglobulin and HSV-1 during infection of neuronal cells.

We describe the effect of pretreatment with alpha-2-macroglobulin ( A2M) on the susceptibility of the human neuroblastoma SKNMC cell line to infection by herpes virus type 1 (HSV-1). ELISA and co-immunoprecipitation experiments confirmed the A2M-HSV-1 interaction in vitro. Indirect immunofluorescence shows that A2M exacerbated the cytopathic effect induced after HSV-1 infection. However, A2M-pretreated SKNMC cells notably produced fewer HSV-1 particles than did the untreated cells, suggesting that A2M could induce a restrictive infection. Furthermore, high levels of HSV-1 and A2M induced the production of nitric oxide (NO) in SKNMC. Preliminary results suggest that A2M might induce apoptosis in HSV-1-infected cells. These findings affirm the conclusion that A2M may interact directly with HSV-1 and modulate the course of the infection in SKNMC human neuroblastoma cells.[1]


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