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The genes encoding the type II gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor and the ribonucleoprotein RBM8A in humans overlap in two genomic loci.

We have cloned and characterized two genomic loci encoding the human type II gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor and RNA-binding motif protein-8 (RBM8A). In both loci the genes overlap and are in antisense orientation to each other. The locus on chromosome 1 encompasses the type II GnRH receptor gene (GNRHR2), which is composed of three exons. We found transcripts from this gene in a wide range of tissues, but they lacked a methionine initiation codon and had a stop codon in exon 2. In the antisense orientation, this locus contains RBM8A, which consists of six exons and directs the synthesis of an RBM8A protein of 173 or 174 amino acids by alternative splicing. A second locus on chromosome 14 contains pseudogenes of RBM8A and the type II GnRH receptor and probably originated from the chromosome 1 locus by retrotransposition.[1]


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