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Chemical Compound Review

Liquimeth     (2S)-2-amino-4- methylsulfanyl-butanoic acid

Synonyms: Acimethin, Cymethion, metionina, Methilanin, methionine, ...
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Disease relevance of L-methionine


Psychiatry related information on L-methionine

  • Mutations of this protein are linked to familial variants of the disease, and the presence of a methionine or valine residue at the polymorphic position 129 may be critical in sporadic CJD cases [5].
  • Specific radioimmunoassays were used to measure the effects of hypertonic saline (salt loading), water deprivation, and trichothecene mycotoxin (T2 toxin) on the content of methionine enkephalin (ME), leucine enkephalin (LE), alpha-neoendorphin, dynorphin A, dynorphin B, vasopressin, and oxytocin in the rat posterior pituitary [6].
  • These results fail to support several predictions of the "methylation hypothesis" concerning the pathophysiology and potential treatment of idiopathic psychotic disorders and leave the consistent clinical worsening effects of methionine in schizophrenia unexplained [7].
  • Two additional variants, which included a thalamic form of CJD and a phenotype characterized by prominent dementia and cortical pathology, were linked to PrP(Sc) type 2 and methionine homozygosity [8].
  • Methionine 35 oxidation reduces fibril assembly of the amyloid abeta-(1-42) peptide of Alzheimer's disease [9].

High impact information on L-methionine

  • Yeast, lacking either Cu, ZnSOD or MnSOD, are oxygen intolerant, and the double mutant was hypermutable and defective in sporulation and exhibited requirements for methionine and lysine [10].
  • We examined the effects of a valine (val) to methionine (met) substitution in the 5' pro-region of the human BDNF protein [11].
  • Instead, the free amino group of the N-terminal methionine of p21 is a site for ubiquitinylation in vivo [12].
  • The nutritional quality of soybeans (Glycine max) is compromised by a relative deficiency of methionine in the protein fraction of the seeds [13].
  • The mutation substitutes an arginine residue for a highly conserved methionine in a putative actin-binding site near the N terminus of the alpha-tropomyosin [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of L-methionine


Biological context of L-methionine


Anatomical context of L-methionine


Associations of L-methionine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of L-methionine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of L-methionine


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